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Our products are made by approved suppliers who can meet our demands for quality, capacity and flexibility. All our products meet the relevant environment and labeling requirements. We also perform a detailed inspection on the components used to build it.

Quality Policy

Customer Orientation

Linear actuator is made up of various of accessories.All of them have their own ‘temper’ . Listening to our customers and understanding their needs is key to developing truly innovation solutions. To know more details like stroke length, load capacity, working temperature, working frequency, bumps, shock of customers’ application would help us to match with suitable model or customized design. Some of the dysfunction may be caused by not suitable offer.


Wuxi Hongba provides a warranty on every single piece of linear actuator. This warranty, however, is subject to correct use in accordance with the specifications, maintenance being done correctly and any repairs being carried out by authorized personnel of Wuxi Hongba. Changes in installation and use can affect their operation and durability.


Wuxi Hongba linear actuators have undergone extensive testing during the development process and passed the toughest technical and environment standards. We understand which tests are necessary to qualify our products for a variety of applications. It’s not enough to build a product that will operate in a clean indoor lab environment. Our actuators are used on heavy duty industrial equipment. Wuxi Hongba saves customer the expense by completing testing using an independent lab with a common report.